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EOC 2021 - Sprint Relay - 2nd leg - European championships (13-05-2021)
Jeudi 13 Mai 2021
Catégorie: Competitions
Neuchatel, Switzerland
Sprint relay, relais 2|Résultats
Sakar cup training (W21E-2019) (02-04-2021)
Vendredi 2 Avril 2021
Catégorie: Trainings
Cherepovo, Topolovgrad, Bulgaria
Nice and easy with some filming here and there.
First orienteering session for 2021 (01-01-2021)
Vendredi 1 Janvier 2021
Catégorie: Competitions
Motikata, Bansko, Bulgaria
Nice and enjoyable except the last part on the hill above the finish where the map was not so accurate.