WUOC 2016 - Long (01/08/2016)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Csanyik, Miskolc
Country: Hungary
Discipline: Long distance
Distance: 17.07 km
Time: 90:30
Happy and dissappointed. Good race but I did some route-choice mistakes (I draw with blue the better onces). Just 35 secs from the bronze, 5th place behind 3 swedes and 1 swiss. Best bulgarian ever at WUOC Long.

Main mistakes: In the last part of 3rd - 1min because of nettles and thorns in the white forest. Same to 4th - 20-30secs. Same on the slope after 5th - 20-30secs. 14th and 15th about 45-50secs each because of route choice. Bad going out of 19th to 20th - 20secs and an early entering and mistake on 21st - 30secs. In total 4min+.
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WUOC 2016 - Long (01/08/2016)