Bulgaria Cup 2018 - Day 3 (03/06/2018)
Category: Competitions
Map/area: Sinemorets, Ahtopol
Country: Bulgaria
Distance: 9.42 km
Time: 53:54
I was not really ready for racing when started but tried to run fast - so I did small mistakes to 2nd and 4th. Afterwards it was quite fine. In the 2nd part when I got little tired pushing hard and orienteering perfect was not so easy when I was out of classifying in the overall standings for Bulgaria cup. So I was totally on autopilot for 24th but still I was tricked by a very much open area south-west from the control thinking this was the one on the east side. Lost 4 minutes since I was not in a hurry anyway and motivation was low. Nice training still.
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Bulgaria Cup 2018 - Day 3 (03/06/2018)